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Nutrition Specialist


Cardiologists located in McKinney, TX

Call the CorCareTX offices for individual nutrition consultations in McKinney, Texas today.


Are you struggling with blood sugar control? Auto-immune symptoms? Pre-Diabetes?

We now offer individual nutrition consultations for Diabetes, Renal Disease, and other conditions. Nutritional treatment must be ordered by your physician or non-physician practitioner as part of treatment for Diabetes, Renal Disease or Weight loss/management.

We offer a natural approach to help “turn your wheels”, using your body’s functions. These functions include what we eat, how we breathe, hydrate, sleep and move. These “spokes in your wheel” are not pharmaceutical nor costly. Your health is enhanced by exploring which foods you should and should not include in your diet by working with us on a specialized nutrition plan. Ask your provider about setting you up for an appointment on your next visit to our office.

This does not replace regular medical care. Continue to work with your team, and let them know you are trying to improve your lifestyle. We are here to help you succeed with your nutritional goals, so please give us a call today to learn more.