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About CorCareTX

CorCareTX was started in 2016 to serve the patients with coronary conditions in the North Texas area. CorCareTX specializes specifically in Interventional Cardiology, as well as general cardiology, congestive heart failure, and advanced lipid analysis.

Our board-certified physician, Dr. Brian Eades is proud to have a cardiology practice focused on patient care and dedicated to excellence and compassion. Dr. Eades and his staff work closely with you, the patient, to ensure you get the right care at the right time, with high quality. Dr. Eades prides on providing high-quality patient care to all his patients. He strongly believes in having the best interest of the patient as the only focus during his care. Dr. Eades has been in practicing interventional cardiology since 2005.

As the healthcare environment in the country is rapidly evolving with more and more doctors being employed by hospitals and/or medical groups. This leads to physicians finding themselves in a quandary with their loyalties divided between their patients and their employers, which could lead to a conflict of interest. Dr. Eades is highly committed to maintaining a traditional private practice where their duty of loyalty is to their patients with no conflicts of interest with insurance companies or hospitals. As every patient and person is, in fact, different, Dr. Eades and his staff customize the treatment plan and consultancy to suit the individual’s needs and ensure every patient gets top-notch quality cardiac care.

As medical care becomes more of a business, at CorCareTX we realize that health and emotions are not commodities, but are very critical to the patients. Patients visit us at the most vulnerable times of their lives, looking to us for compassion and trusting us with their most precious of assets — their health and the health of their parents or spouses. This is why we could never be less than empathetic to anyone who comes through our doors. We make it a point to listen to our patients, hear their stories and empathize with their hopes and fears.

Who we are

CorCareTX caters to cardiology patients in the North Texas area and prides itself on providing patients with excellent care. At CorCareTX every patient is treated with compassion and the treatment plan is individualized to fit the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Eades and his staff continuously strive to provide first class care for their patients at top-notch quality.

CorCareTX – Interventional cardiology continuously aspires to provide modern, convenient and efficient cardiac services to its patients. In consistently accomplishing these objectives, Dr. Eades has earned a widely recognized and trusted reputation for leadership and excellence in delivering cardiac care. The most sacred part of health care is the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Eades is committed to not compromising the sanctity of this relationship and ensuring that patients feel that they are getting what they paid for and rightfully deserve, no matter where health-care reform goes.

Dr. Eades works closely with his patients’ other doctors to provide coordinated high-quality care in a caring and comfortable environment. A patient of our practice can be certain that his/her cardiac care and well-being are the primary concern and responsibility of Dr. Eades and his team.

In addition to reading the latest cardiac scientific journals and literature, Dr. Eades, both regularly attends and participates in lectures and continuing cardiac education which allows him to be up-to-date on the latest in cardiac diagnostic and therapeutic care and techniques.

The goal of CorCareTX is simply to guide each patient to the best option for that individual based on his/her medical indications and patient preference. Visiting the doctor does not have to be a cold, clinical or frightening experience. Dr. Eades and his staff strive for personalized care with every patient.

Our Mission

We will transform and improve your healthcare experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, innovation, and excellence.


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